Press Release

For Immediate Release unveils its new expansion strategy to launch and promote ministries and organizations worldwide, helping them to differentiate themselves through their new website

The recognized web portal, leader in professional live streaming, broadcasting, and promotion by Internet and other media, offers its customers the latest technology to make visible its content anytime, anywhere, and through any electronic platform.

To address the contemporary communication requirements, and the undeniable need of intentional planning to build, or increase the audience of organizations and ministries that want to broaden their reach, optimized its services— originally available through—to facilitate quality transmission routes using Internap 10GX. It has also updated its design, functionality, and has even added new products and services, specifically designed to offer its users the best possible web experience.

This is the best time to associate the name of any organization or ministry to the experience and reliability of a company that has been established in the market, for 15 years, as the best Christian online network. Its excellent track record proves that not only they understand their market, but it also evidences that they have the knowledge, and the increasing ability to implement the acquired information to adapt its structure and services to satisfy customer needs and to their respective audience. sets a new, higher standard in building communication bridges through the strongest structure for professional video live streaming, recording and broadcasting audio and video, marketing and promotion, e-commerce, and development and maintenance of websites, and applications for mobile devices.

Karim Simmons

Public Relations Director