UnoRed is a company focused on professional livestreaming and broadcasting of audio and video over the Internet, with additional services that we consider to be flexible platforms that—when strategically combined—considering the characteristics and needs of your organization or ministry, widen your territory of action, helping you satisfy your objectives and obtaining your goals.

Our team will help you sell, distribute, or promote your content. We will work hand in hand to outline, direct and implement specific strategies that have led us to be successful for the past 15 years. UnoRed excels in creativity, quality and price. In short, we can describe four types of service platforms that will facilitate the success of your ministry or organization:
  • Transmission
  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Fundraising

Transmission Platform: Cyber technology have become a “must have” to reach the masses. UnoRed provides you with the option to transmit live or recorded video, radio programing and audio, giving you the cutting-edge technology required to embrace the opportunities of the 21st century.

Marketing Platform: Through our advertising services, we help your ministry or organization to position and differentiate yourself within your market, so users can easily identify your name or brand.

Distribution Platform: Our experience in market segmentation allows us to define and introduce your ministry or organization to a specific audience potentially interested in your products or services. This way you can minimize your effort and increase the effectiveness of your resources.

Fundraising Platform: Let us help you achieve your financial goals for your activities or projects. Our ability to identify people or organizations connected with the mission and vision of your organization could represent a big advantage you.