Recording and Audio and Video Syndication

Audio/video recording and storage

Capturing and recording real-time content is critical to the development of the Ministry and / or Organization. It is important to acquire a content storage service that will provide the opportunity to accumulate content in order to distribute and expand the content file. Here you will find the option of broadcasting live or on demand, whether it is audio,video,recorded, or content that was previously produced.

As a producer you will have the possibility of proprietary content being placed on different channels of Internet or regular broadcast Radio & TV networks, which is known as retransmission or syndication. You will have the option to make your content distributed from the site of origin to another destination website. This will provide the opportunity for different avenues and worldwide available to users content that initially could only be accessed by users of the website source.

In UnoRed we offer the ability to record and rebroadcast as you please!

Recording and Audio and Video Syndication

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