Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All Payments To UnoRed, Inc. Are Non-Refundable

UnoRed, Inc. ("The Company") agrees to furnish services to the Customer ("Subscriber"), subject to the following TOS (Terms of Service).

Use of UnoRed Services constitutes acceptance and agreement to UnoRed AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) as well as UnoRed TOS (Terms of Service).

All provisions of this contract are subject to the Company's TOS (Terms of Service) of UnoRed and AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). The AUP may be changed from time to time at the discretion of the Company. Subscriber understands that change to the AUP by the Company shall not be grounds for early contract termination or non-payment.

This Agreement shall be construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of the state of Florida, applicable to contracts enforceable in that state. Venue will be Orange County, Florida.

1. Disclosure to Law Enforcement: The AUP specifically prohibits the use of our service for illegal activities. Therefore, Subscriber agrees that the Company may disclose any and all subscriber information including assigned IP numbers, account history, account use, etc. to any law enforcement agent who makes a written request without further consent or notification to the Subscriber. In addition UnoRed shall have the right to terminate all service set forth in this Agreement.

2. Service Rates: Subscriber acknowledges that the nature of the service furnished and the initial rates and charges have been communicated to Subscriber. Subscriber is aware that the Company may prospectively change the specified rates and charges from time to time. The promotional offer is contingent upon Company achieving and maintaining its cost of service goals including but not limited to rates charged to company by its suppliers. Support rates and Development/Programming rates are different, and work will be billed at the then current UnoRed hourly rate.

3. Payment: Establishment of service is dependent upon receipt by the Company of payment of stated charges. The client authorizes UnoRed.com to debit, credit card or bank account monthly and set up fees, according to the fees stated. Payment can be made by Visa, Master Card or Discover.  The payments are due every month. The accounts will not be activated until payment is settled. The service invoices in advance (pre-paid), or monthly, quarterly, bi -annual or annually, according to the period chosen by the client.

4. Payments and Fees: Credit cards or Checks that are declined for any reason are subject to a $25.00 declination fee. Service will be automatically interrupted on accounts that are 5 or more days past due. Invoices not paid by the due date listed are subject to a 10% late fee with a minimum of $15.00. Accounts that are not collectable by UnoRed may be turned over to an outside collection agency for collection. If account is turned over for collection, you agree to pay the company a "Processing and Collection" Fee of not less than $150.00 but not more than $250.00. If you desire to cancel your account, please follow cancellation procedures as outlined.

5. Refund and Disputes: All payments to UnoRed are nonrefundable. This includes the one time setup fee and subsequent charges regardless of usage. All overcharges or billing disputes must be reported within 60 days of the time the dispute occurred.

6. Failure to Pay: The Company may temporarily deny service or terminate this Agreement upon the failure of Subscriber to pay charges when due. Such termination or denial will not relieve Subscriber of responsibility for the payment of all accrued charges, penalties, and fees.

7. Account Cancellation: Notices of cancellation must be received in writing at info@unored.com and cancellation will be effective 30 days after if your account is current with our accounting department and are subject to the terms of the Contract/Agreement.

UnoRed preferred method of cancellation is via the ticketing section of your account. Please log into the clients section at https://www.unored247.com/bill/submitticket.php and request to have your service cancelled by submitting a ticket with sufficient details to the customer service department requesting cancellation.

8. Denial of Service: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.

9. Suspension of Service or Cancellation: UnoRed reserves the right to suspend network access to any customer if in the judgment of the UnoRed network administrators the customer's server is the source or target of the violation of any of the other terms of the AUP or for any other reason which UnoRed chooses. If inappropriate activity is detected, all accounts of the Customer in question will be deactivated until an investigation is complete. Prior notification to the Customer is not assured. In extreme cases, law enforcement will be contacted regarding the activity. The customer will not be credited for the time the customer's machines were suspended.

10. UnoRed reserves the right to amend its policies at any time. All Sub-Networks, resellers and managed servers of UnoRed must adhere to the above policies. Failure to follow any term or condition will be grounds for immediate Cancellation. You will be held responsible for the actions of your clients in the matter described on these Terms and conditions.

11. Indemnification: UnoRed wishes to emphasize that in agreeing to the UnoRed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Terms of Service (TOS), customer indemnifies UnoRed for any violation of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Terms of Service (TOS) that results in loss to UnoRed or the bringing of any claim against UnoRed by any third-party. This means that if UnoRed is sued because of a customer's or a customer of a customer's activity, the customer will pay any damages awarded against UnoRed, plus all costs and attorney's fees.

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